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Case Studies

For confidentiality purposes, the brand names have been omitted. Once a formal NDA has been signed, our clients listed below have given us permission to share this data with you.



  • Sales growth
  • Improve ranking on Amazon
  • Increase the traffic on the profile
  • Get more positive reviews
  • Perfect Account Management

Before AMZ Global Solutions:

  • $25,000 sale on Amazon annually
  • Very low ranking on Amazon
  • Only 5 positive reviews

After AMZ Global Solutions:

  • Annual sales reached $100,000
  • Ranking in top 10 on cosmetics section of Amazon
  • More than 1000 positive reviews
  • The instant surge in orders
  • 200 times more traffic in just one year



  • Prompt increase in sales
  • Design better marketing strategy
  • Optimize Operations
  • Increase in traffic
  • SEO optimization

Before AMZ Global Solutions:

  • No sales as this startup were in its initial phase
  • No prior marketing strategy or design was done

After AMZ Global Solutions :

  • First-month sale reached $10,000, and the next month it reached $20,000. At the end of the year, the total sale was $260,000
  • Page traffic was increased promptly
  • 1000s of positive reviews of clients
  • Operations were optimized so no order could be missed or delayed
  • SEO-Friendly content was done for organic traffic
  • Our client was happy and satisfied



  • Increase sales on Amazon
  • Optimization of operations
  • Account Management
  • Designing for the marketing campaign

Before AMZ Global Solutions :

  • Annual sales were of around $12,000
  • The marketing campaign was poorly designed

After AMZ Global Solutions:

  • Sales increased by 500% in one year.
  • The marketing campaign resulted in an increase in page traffic
  • The account was handled by one of our experts
  • No order was missed or delayed
  • More than 300 positive reviews of clients


Profit is not the legitimate purpose of business. The legitimate purpose of business is to provide a product or service that people need and do it so well that it’s profitable.

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